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            Monday, January 21, 2019

            Nicholas is in Boot Camp

            Well, as of January 10th he was!

            There's this thing that we're essentially told not to do, and that's to go looking for photos of our recruits.  But here's the other thing, every parent of the kids in this platoon is almost desperate for word, any word. Since these young men gave up their phones on Jan 7, we haven't heard or received anything but a standard 15-second phone call on Jan 9 that we missed (Becca was in class, she got a voicemail which she shared with us), and a form letter that was sent to Becca that she photoed and shared with us.

            But there's another thing. Families who go to boot camp graduation tour around the island and SEE THE NEW AND MIDWAY RECRUITS.  And they take photos.  And they post them.  And people see them and share them and we see our kids. Technically, these recruits have not given permission for these photos to be shared, these are not taken by the official photographers that do the uniform photos or build the boot camp yearbook. 

            Aside from the rare sneaky photo, we wait for a letter.  Again, it'll go to Becca and she'll share with us, but so far, nothing.

            That doesn't surprise us.  He's not much of a writer, and I would guess that if he did write, he would get emotional and he probably doesn't want to do that more than what reading our letters already do. So I get it.  I also know that by the time we get whatever he writes he will already have gone through so much more and his thoughts and feelings at that time are gone and buried under a dozen new challenges and a 100 new emotional roller coasters.

            So we rely on the old adage "no news is good news."  As far as we know he's not sick, he's not injured, he's not falling behind, he's not starving, he is sleeping, and he has no hair.

            Send good thoughts his way, OK?

            Sunday, January 13, 2019

            The week starting the day after Christmas was hard...

            On December 26, this one went home to Maryland - to her apartment, her new car, her SO, her job.

            She won't be back to Germany, but we'll get to see her in April and/or June.

            Then on January 2, these two went to Georgia.  It was a long hard trip, Mokka had to be at the airport on December 31 and the pet shippers had everything arranged for her to fly out early on the 2nd.

            Then on January 3, this one shipped out to Boston to get over jetlag and in-process at MEPS. He spent Thurs-Mon at the hotel, and Saturday afternoon he spent with our awesome friend Jerry and his kids at the aquarium, then caught a Bruins game in the evening. He was glad he didn't bring a jersey.

            To say the house is super quiet now is an understatement. I knew this holiday season would be different - this year would be different - and so far it hasn't disappointed.

            Jonathon is going to have far too much parent time....

            We have a trip to Wroclaw, Poland and Geneva, Switzerland yet...

            .... and several other things, but for now, how about this?

            It only took 2 hours and here it is under a "second skin" wrap, with blood pooling at the bottom. I never knew tattoos bled. You know, sometimes it really is better to go into something without knowing anything about it.

            48 hours later and wow... it looked awful but was also time to take off the wrap. The wrap kept the sheets clean.

            Oh the suspense.....

            Wrap off and pretty sure that the blobs all over weren't part of the original sketch?

            A shower, some gentle soap, and some healing cream and I. Am. DELIGHTED.  It's gorgeous.

            I have to say that I don't think I'll ever get another one. BTDT. It has everything I want on it and don't let anyone ever tell you it doesn't hurt.  Thick lines hurt. A lot. So very much. The last twenty minutes were no fun at all.

            But it was worth it. Ian and I made a deal years ago that if the Caps won the Cup we would get tattoos.  I think the original intent was matching ones, and you've seen Ian's...

            Full splendor with the Cup and the year.  Very cool.  I guess I wanted one a little more personal and I don't regret it one bit.

            Sunday, November 4, 2018

            August - Amsterdam

            I put off writing about Amsterdam for a while on purpose.  I needed to get past the 10 days of our airbnb rental being able to do anything, then writing my review of it, then waiting for the review to be posted.  And then really... just needed to let time pass so it was less fresh in my mind.

            Amsterdam was Ian, Nicholas, and me.  We met up with some friends from Amman who were on their way to their next post in Istanbul. Amsterdam is filled with steak houses, so we had a great dinner together where Ian practiced some Arabic, and then perused the Van Gogh museum the next day.  Side note: I recommend watching "Loving Vincent" which happened to be made in the next city we visited, Wroclaw (in Poland). It's remarkable.

            So.  The place we stayed at - this is the listing:  https://www.holidaylettings.co.uk/rentals/amsterdam/6288266 . It looks lovely, no?

            This is what we had:

            When they said 5th floor, they weren't kidding.
            My review: 

            "I have no complaint with the location. It's not downtown, but that has pros as well. No, I have problems with everything else once we arrived. Let's start at the beginning... the key. It was left for us at a bar down the street - who had no idea it was there or what we were asking for. Eventually we did get it, thank goodness. 

            Yes, the apartment is on the top floor. The listing says it's great for families and kids. I completely disagree. There is no way that parents with small children could safely go up and down those stairs, especially as several of the step mats had fallen off making the steps uneven. One floor - maybe. 4 floors? No. Nevermind that the front door doesn't even open all the way so even just traveling with carry-on cases we struggled to get in and out of the building and then up and down the stairs - there is no place to store a stroller or car seat if you could get them in the building. And the listing mentions not making noise. No noise with kids going up and down 4 flights (yes... no noise in the stairwell either) or on a wooden floor in the apartment? Thankfully we were 3 adults. 

            Then we made it into the apartment. There were 2 notes on the table, both on soiled pieces of paper - one was a dirty postcard - with bits scratched out and written over and blurred. It sounds nitpicky, but when you don't want to touch the paper... come on. It was a little sad that there was nothing that looked professional or that it had taken any time - no guides to the city, no recommendations for nearby restaurants, nothing. Even if the limited info had been on a clean piece of notebook paper, it would have been an improvement. 

            It appeared that the owner had vacated 10 minutes before our arrival. Beds were not made, and the pillows were, shall we say, well-used. I assume the linens were clean, but the beds looked tossed. Add to that the drying rack full of clothes next to the ladder to the loft, including a pair of underwear that had fallen on the floor. Every cabinet was stuffed with the owner's personal items, and every surface had personal items all about. Yes, the apartment is small, but there was no space to put any of our items, even a shelf or a drawer. From the photos we had planned to put our suitcases on the desk by the ladder, but the tops were covered with, yes, more personal items. The washing machine had clothing hanging on it and since the drying rack was "in use" there was no way to do laundry anyway. 

            The listing also mentions that the couch can be used as a bed... it does not pull out, and if you have a family member that is over 5 feet tall, no.... Nevermind that the couch is ripped up, with a strategically placed blanket. 

            There is no sink in the bathroom. I should have noticed that in the photos, but it means that any washing is done in the kitchen sink. The owner is very into coffee and alcohol so several counter tops are covered in those items. The kitchen area around the sink had some unexpected items like a used jar of shoe polish. 

            Again, the listing mentions "good for families." The wiring was a hazard waiting to happen. There was a rats nest of wires on the shelf behind the couch, and wires hanging over a dining chair. The refrigerator was partially filled with 1/2 used... and 1/2 eaten... items. We used it only for a 6-pack of soda. And the freezer was so full it looked like the items might come out at a cube. No seriously, I'm glad we opened it and checked before bothering to get ice cream or anything of our own. We couldn't have put it anywhere without rearranging or cleaning out the freezer. 

            After our first night, my family begged to leave and check into a hotel, but we had already paid for 3 nights. It so happened that the second day my husband fell ill, so we stayed a second night. But when he felt better, we checked into a hotel for the 3rd and final night. It was so worth it for us to have a clean, open, welcoming space to sleep in, even if it was only for 1 night. 

            I said there was no guidance, and there wasn't - what to do with garbage upon our departure? What to do with the key when we left? We had to text the owner to find out the answer to the key question. 

            There is a nice courtyard view out one window. This listing could be gorgeous, if it has been like the photos, clean and well-oriented. Unfortunately that was not our experience. The owner was easily reached, but we didn't feel that telling him our disappointment with the place could be fixed during our stay. We have stayed at dozens of home lettings and they've all had their quirks and charms. We've enjoyed them and considered them memorable experiences. This is the first time I've ever left a negative review. I so wish I could add photos here."

            Lucky for you, I can post photos here.

            None of us touched those rags.

            Every item was 1/2 open or 1/2 eaten.

            Yes.  The freezer.

            Our guidance.

            By the ladder to the "loft bed"

            Where we'd planned to put suitcases. Under the chair...
            a pair of underwear.

            Guess we can't wash or dry laundry.

            That does not bode well.

            "Kid-friendly." There were other cords hung over dining room chairs.

            The loft bed that looks pre-slept-in. The downstairs
            "bedroom" was a converted closet that had a door, a slanted
            ceiling, a light, and no window or cut-out.

            So Nicholas slept on the sheet-covered couch.
            Amsterdam was an interesting city. The apartment was in a decent area, with restaurant options and if you're into them, plenty of bars. It took about 20 minutes to walk downtown which was fine because the walk was lovely along canals and through pretty neighborhoods.

            We didn't get into the Anne Frank house.  I was too late to try to get tickets 2 months earlier, and wasn't lucky enough to get the few available each morning. It is my one regret from our visit. We had a fun segway tour, ate some Dutch pancakes, and checked out the Red Light District. Oh come on, you know we had to.

            Amsterdam is confused.  It has great art, decent food, cute streets, good shopping, and a lot of drugs and sex. When we left, I had a sense that I didn't know what Amsterdam was trying to be, and that Amsterdam didn't know what it wanted to be. I'm not sure I'd go back. Except to see the Anne Frank house.

            Kent and Essex

            Those are great pet names.

            OK, fine...

            In June we did a quick hop to England with Jonathon.  Thanks to his school counselor who chatted with him about what he was interested in studying in university, she recommended that he check out both the University of Essex and the University of Sussex.  We looked them up online, thought they were interesting, and book some flights. 

            We stayed in Rochester, roughly half-way between the two, rented an airbnb type place, picked up Rebecca at Heathrow (flew in from the U.S.) and visited the two schools. Essex had their Open Day which was great and I think Jonathon got a good sense of life at school there.  We sat in on a talk with one of the computer science instructors, saw a computer lab and the robotics lab, and just enjoyed the day seeing some dorms, eating some food, and wandering about.  The University of Sussex wasn't having an Open Day, but we did visit the campus.  It feels a little older and smaller, but it is close to Brighton Beach where we spent the afternoon.

            The application process is different both in content and in timing, so should he apply there,  he won't do it until roughly when U.S. decisions need to be made... around April.  In the meantime, he applied early action to a school already and we'll hopefully hear back in mid-December on that.  Cross your fingers.

            Rochester is lovely.

            We recommend the Deaf Cat Cafe.

            Low tide.

            Lovely place to stay.

            We passed on the jellied eels.

            Selfie at Brighton Beach!

            University of Essex

            A tradition started in Ireland.

            Thursday, October 11, 2018


            Nicholas tried out marksmanship in high school, and has since been to the shooting range in Mainz twice. Now that he's passed his IST (Initial Strength Test) and currently hopes to get into Security Forces and eventually Sniper School, it's a good place to be.

            And if dad does it...